Saturday, November 20, 2010


I get so many people asking me how to do a double spiral bracelet.  The trick is keeping the color segments separated while beading so you will get the look of two spirals.  Most of this instruction is from Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher and is the easiest to follow.  I have added some tricks to get the pattern right and to get the most durable bracelet.   Use complementary colors in your beads to get the most striking bracelet!

70 to 90 of two different color 4mm beads (A, B)
110 to 130 size 6° or “E” seed beads (C)
At least 300 of two different color size 11° (10° fits better) seed beads (a,b)
Spool of Fireline beading thread (size 1)
.015 Beadalon coated beading wire
Beading needle
Closure, crimps, wire guardians

1.  Place one full unit of base with both segments.  Pick up 4C (base beads).  Pick up 2a, 1A, 2a (Color Segment A).  Pass needle through the bottom of 4C base (see figure 1).  Push Segment A to the left.  Pick up 2b, 1B, 2b (Color Segment B).  Pass needle through bottom of 4C base (see figure 2).  Thread Beadlon wire through C base beads.

Note:  Rotate your work so that Segment A is on the right and Segment B is on the left.

2.  Pick up 1C base bead and a Segment A (2a, 1A, 2a).  Push them to the left side of the work.  Pass needle through the top 3C of the base and new C bead (see figure 3).  Thread Beadalon wire through new C base beads.

Note:  Because the initial base was 4 beads, pass through 4 base beads with every segment.

3.  Keeping Segment B on the right of the base and Segment A on the left, pick up a Segment B (2b, 1B, 2b) without the additional C bead.  This keeps the segments on the same level.  Pass needle through top 4C base beads.

4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the piece reaches the desired length.  Keep passing the end of the Beadlon wire through each new C base bead added.  Threading it through the work at the end is practically impossible. 

Note:  Use Beadlon wire, crimps and wire guardians to add clasp to your piece.

As more segments are added, it will get more difficult to find the proper place to thread through the base beads.  Watch the staggered appearance of the 4 mm beads.  They should look “stair-stepped” if you are threading in the right place.  Also, you should starting a new segment right on top of an opposite color segment as you complete your way around the spiral (see figure 4).

Here’s a finished bracelet I just completed using round 4 mm Swarovski crystals in Light Siam and Lime.  It is for sale at my Etsy store, Rojagato Designs:

Have fun beading!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sample of Sold Jewelry

Here's a few of my more recently sold jewelry pieces. Sold Jewelry  I do custom pieces and each jewelry piece is one of a kind.  Check out my EBay Store, Rojagato Designs for new jewelry that is currently for sale!