Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Design Coordinator

Precious the Cat
Rojagato Designs got its name from my 11 yr. old cat that sits perched on a large dog pillow overseeing every jewelry piece from design to creation. In Spanish, “rojo” means red and “gato” means cat (the spelling and word placement was modified a little to create the business name.) Precious is a red and white short-haired tabby cat that has no idea that she is a cat. Precious was raised by our basset hound (who has since passed on) and gets along with dogs much better than cats. She was named for the ring in the book, The Hobbit.

Three years ago, Precious spent most of her days wandering from room to room in our house looking for new places to hide and sleep, and she now oversees everything in my work area since I took up making jewelry. Now she lives for jewelry beading. Every piece is carefully scrutinized by Precious as it is constructed and has to meet her final seal of approval before it goes up for sale.

For my customers with animal allergies, I want you to know that every jewelry piece is thoroughly cleaned prior to shipment. -- Claudia

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  1. I have a cat name 'Minnos' who loves beads:) While I am working on a new item she sits just beside it check my work:)