Thursday, November 24, 2011

Susie is no longer with us...

Many of you who have purchased my jewelry or have followed this blog have asked about Susie, my design coordinator in training.  On November 18th, I had to take Susie to the vet to be put to sleep.  She almost made it to her 14th birthday.  She lived 18 months longer than she would have if I had not rescued her from my ex-husband.  Her last days were happy and comfortable.  She had been suffering with cancer for several weeks and had become too weak to stand on her own.  The night of her death, her cries became so unbearable that I took her to the vet's emergency center to take her out of her misery.  She went peacefully and is now buried with two of our other dogs on our land.  Here are some last photos.

Susie and Lil Man on the sofa, 11/16/11. 

Susie's grave. 

Her headstone.


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